IPPI stands for Independent Physicians and Providers of Illinois. We are a group of independent physicians and providers who come together to facilitate each other to remain independent and to provide optimal care for all patients.


Any independent physician and provider can feel free to apply to the board of directors for consideration for membership. The organization they work within must be 100% physician or provider owned.

$500 per member per year

The benefits of joining include being listed in the IPPI online and print directories, association with like-minded independent physicians and providers, and others that are listed here:


Simply complete the "Join IPPI" online membership form and we will be in contact with you. Click to watch the instructional video.


The board of directors with the voting members.

Each member of the board of directors has a different task to facilitate and manage the organization.

To support your fellow independent physicians and providers and to remain active and supportive of the organization by spreading the word, being available for referrals and consults, sharing best practices and tips to facilitate our independence. This organization will only be as strong and successful as its members.

We do and these are outlined in our operating agreement which serves as our founding principles/constitution.

These are defined more in detail under our mission statement but briefly our mission is to facilitate fellow independents helping them remain independent and our vision is to be the premier organization to do this.