Thank you for considering membership in IPPI, the Independent Physicians and Providers of Illinois. Our mission is to provide optimal care for patients while facilitating the independence of physicians and providers. We are new and it would be wonderful to include you in our work!


Elevate your practice and its ability to take care of your patients.
IPPI is here to support you as you build your practice's ecosystem and take the best care of your patients.

Stay independent without feeling alone.
Whether in person playing bocce or virtually via a speed networking session, let IPPI connect you to those who can provide warm referrals and teach you about efficiences for your day-to-day practice.

Together we will stay relevant for our patients. 

Join IPPI and Elevate Your Practice!
See below for our benefits of membership. 

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Access to our Members-Only Portal

  •   Member cell phone directory for quick referrals
    •   Peer offered office space

      Ability to Use our Community Chat Features (What's App)

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      Attend IPPI Membership Meetings

      Engage with IPPI Committees

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